Co-Chairs Bill Bradley and Dave Durenberger Speak Out

America’s HealthTogether is honored to have the leadership of former Senators Bill Bradley (D-N.J.) and Dave Durenberger (R-Minn.). Here they explain why they are helping us:In our years in the United States Senate, it was our good fortune to represent the people of New Jersey and Minnesota during many of the most significant public policy debates of our time.

Though we sat on opposite sides of the aisle in the Senate, we both came away from our careers on Capitol Hill with a sense of accomplishment that we did our part to make America a better place.

But both of us know that we and other current and former members of congress failed to provide a comprehensive national policy to ensure access to qualtiy, affordable healthcare for all.Today, we are delighted to endorse the formation of America’s HealthTogether as a public policy educational group to bring new energy to this old idea.

Certainly the need is greater now than it has ever been. That even one child in America does not have access to quality preventive care or that even one family fears financial ruin because of a serious medical problem represents glaring betrayals of what we stand for as a country. The fact that so many of our fellow citizens – up to 43 million and growing – do not have health insurance is just astonishing. And it is simply shameful that the largest groups within the uninsured are those with disabilities and the frail elderly.

The uninsured elderly face especially frightening challenges. For many, the only recourse in finding long-term care is to spend down their assets in order to qualify for welfare or to drive their families into poverty.

We as a nation can do better. We must.

With its commitment to engaging as many Americans in a new national dialogue as possible, and with its philosophy of a principled approach that seeks consensus and real-life solutions, we believe that America’s HealthTogether can play a major role in helping America finally achieve the goal of quality, affordable healthcare for all.

That’s why, in the months ahead, you will hear us speak out on behalf of America’s HealthTogether. We believe in its mission, applaud its approach and expect great things from the group.

Please join us in this important endeavor.

Bill BradleyDave Durenberger